Improper Proposal – Cathryn Fox
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Improper Proposal

Book Cover: Improper Proposal

Book 6, Dossier Series


England’s countryside is magnificent, especially with all the majestic castles, but it’s too bad attorney, Harper Clark has no idea where she’s going. When she see’s an elderly man walking near a castle, she stops to ask for directions, but before she can get the words out, he mistakes her for his son’s bride-to-be. She is whisked to the castle to meet the welcoming family, and is told they weren’t expecting her for another week, as her fiancé George—a military pilot—won’t be back until then. As an only child of a single mom, she is overwhelmed by the love this family gives her. She should tell them who she really is, but when they take her to her ready-made bedroom, she finds herself playing along.

Consultant, Will Thomas is back in England for his cousin George’s wedding at the end of the month, but when he see’s the bride, he can’t help but want her for himself. She’s beautiful and smart, and not at all like the debutante he expected. He takes it upon himself to show her around, and when she slips up with her accent, he soon begins to think she’s not who she says she is.

Harper takes one look at Will, and her body burns. He’s tall, hot, and looks at her with hunger in his eyes. She should run away, go back home, and stop pretending, but when Will tells her he knows her secret, and wants a kiss in return for keeping it, it’s an improper proposal she can’t refuse. A kiss leads to so much more, and she wants a week in his bed. Too bad she starts to fall for him and his family, because when her secret comes out, they’re sure to hate her.

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