Big Catch – Cathryn Fox
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Big Catch

Book Cover: Big Catch

Brilliant, and uptight emergency room doctor, Alyssa Hill has absolutely no desire to travel to Antiqua to go cockle fishing. What the hell is cockle fishing anyway? But since she agreed to a ridiculous New Years Eve pact with her best friends, she must follow through. Besides she’s not one to back out of anything. And heck, maybe she’ll meet a hot fisherman who isn’t intimated by her, and looks at her as a woman instead of doctor. Lord knows her body is screaming for a little attention.

Former New York stockbroker, Brayden Adams takes one look at Alyssa and knows she needs to relax. He’d known the feeling himself, until he and his best friend left the fast life behind when they inherited a hotel and fishing business in Antiqua. Now they live the relaxed life and share everything. He takes Alyssa out on the boat, and shows her just how good fishing is for her heath.

For the first time in a long time Alyssa relaxes, but when the hot fisherman lures her in, she realizes she’s the catch of the day, and size really does matter. Hot sex ensures, and she wants more. Later that night she catches a glimpse of Brayden going to his room. With the lights low, she sneaks in. This time his kisses are soft, less aggressive, and passionate beyond belief. Little does she realize she’s crawled in bed with his best friend, Nolan. In the morning Brayden joins them, doubling her pleasure.

She soon realizes her medical services are needed in the remote area, and begins to fall in love with the country. When the week is over, will she go back to the rat race, or stay where she’s needed and continue to play with the two hot fishermen who make her feel like a woman.

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